Expert Solutions

UPRENT is a reliable partner in various pumping projects. Years of experience and wide range of quality equipment allows us to efficiently execute most complex pumping projects. By evaluating project specifics we suggest the best pumping solution, provide delivery to project site, installation of pumping equipment and maintenance during whole project.

Groundwater control

UPRENT offers dewatering solutions that involve not only equipment rental, but also a full development of the project.

Sewage bypass

UPRENT offers various sewage pumping and bypass solutions. During sewage reconstruction works, when it is not possible to shut down rainwater or sewage line, it has to be bypassed between specific points around the section that is under reconstruction.

Industrial reservoir cleaning

UPRENT team of experts offers full project development, by selecting the most suitable solution for industrial reservoir cleaning. Cleaning is mostly needed in reservoirs that are contaminated with various sediments, which have developed over time and thus hinder full utilization of the reservoir.

Pumping of specific liquids

UPRENT team of experts offers full project development, by selecting the most suitable solution for industrial reservoir cleaning.

Pumping in non standard situations

UPRENT experts offer prompt and effective pumping solutions for various situations when there is a necessity to unload closed tanks, partly sealed compartments or technological reservoirs from any liquids in short time span and with minimal response time.

Quarry dredging

UPRENT dredgers are used for quarry mining and underwater mineral extraction. Evaluating each client's needs, the specifics of the object and technical capabilities, we will offer the most efficient solutions for quarrying, extraction of mineral resources that's needed and to achieve the objective.

Temporary power solutions

UPRENT offers power generator rental, sales and full service power project implementation, in addition providing generator and equipment delivery, installation and maintenance.

Trench protection

UPRENT offers solutions for various trench reinforcement projects, by selecting the most suitable trench shoring system for each project individually, as well as professional consultation and support during installation of trench shoring systems in order to ensure safety during the construction of engineering communications and underground structures.

Groundwater treatment

Groundwater purification usually is carried out by discharging water in open watercourses or in sewerage after its collection from the soil, however in other cases the purification can be done in tanks of previously collected mixtures.

Pressure tests

Pressure tests are carried out for complex engineering structures, especially for high-pressure pipelines and reservoirs before commissioning to ensure durability of construction and ability to work under pressure for long period.