Riga, Oglu street

To lower the groundwater level for the construction pit at a depth of 6 m and to lower the local groundwater level for the elevator shaft (total depth 12 m from the 0 mark).

Groundwater lowering in Vilnius

Groundwater lowering in the construction of a private house in Vilnius, Bebru street


Groundwater lowering in the construction of a private house in Vilnius, Bebru Street. Uprent carried out groundwater lowering services.

Sewage pumping station construction in Stopinu distric

Stopiņu novads

Its been always challenge to establish solid ground water control solution, facing large amount of underground water. Negative temperature makes process even more complexed. Work in so tough situation…

Bypassing the sewer on Kadaka Boulevard

Kadaka boulevard

In December 2019, Tallinna Vesi announced a tender for the emergency repair of the sewerage pipe of Kadaka Boulevard. In August of the same year, there was a large-scale accident in this section. Subsequent studies showed that the 900-meter pipe was in very poor technical condition.


Bypass Budimex Białystok

Polija, Bialistoka [Białystok]

On the construction of the Niepodległości route in Białystok, client needed a temporary and effective solution for pumping sewage during the construction of new sewage pipeline. The task required UPRENT to apply solutions with different capacities and delivery lengths. The subject of the order was also redundant equipment, 24/7 supervision and refueling.


Bypass w Białymstoku Jarzębinowa/Gajowa

Polija, Bjalistoka

As part of the investment project “Renovation of sanitary sewerage pipes along with chambers in the area of Gajowa and Jarzębinowa streets in Białystok” UPRENT in July 2018 realized for Terkan, a service consisting in comprehensive construction of a bypass with service for the time of renovation works.

Renovation of sewage pumping station

Poland, Kolo

The renovation of the sewage pumping station in the Wielkopolskie voivodship took place in 2017, when Uprent took over responsibility for the temporary pumping of sewage. The task was to bypass the existing pumping station for the time of its renovation, to build a replacement sewage pumping system and to connect to the existing installation. Waste water pumping took place over a distance of about 1 km.


Ferry rescue works

Tallinn, Estonia

During rescue works client’s most important criteria is the response time. In this case – to perform rescue works of a submerged ferry in order to promptly prevent it from total sinking. Taking into account tense situation and time limits, UPRENT offered the client solutions that have been used in analogical situations for the purpose of time saving by minimizing the debate process, project development and choosing of the right equipment as much as possible.


Temporary power solutions at “Staro Rīga 2016” light festival

Riga, Latvia

The Council of Riga City organizes a magnificent and extensive lights and sound festival “Staro Riga”, in cooperation with partners GACO SIA and NA SIA. Audiovisual installations, projections and 3D visualizations on walls of the buildings and other urban elements are set up in various places in Riga during the festival week. Taking into account the short time of the festival, every post needs to be provided with electricity with a temporary power source – power generator.

Biomasas pārsūknēšana

Pumping biomass at Biogas production plant

Vidzeme, Latvija

Biomass pumping is common in farms and bio-gas stations where the biomass is too liquid to be collected with tractors and other machinery or too solid to be transferred by the simple centrifugal pumps available in households. In this case the client turned to UPRENT when the previous methods were not enough for solving the situation.


High-voltage electric line construction site dewatering

Poland, Olsztyn-Sczytno-Ostroleka
CASE Our client “Aldesa Nowa Energia” Sp. z o.o. won a tender for one of the biggest high-voltage electric line...

Renovation of wastewater treatment plant

Lubuskie Voivodship, Poland
CASE Renovation of the sewage treatment plant in the Lubuskie Voivodship took place in 2017, when Uprent took over the...

Repair of central pump station

Poland, Kolo

CASE  As part of the implementation of the investment project. Construction of facilities and installations for the neutralization of bad…


Temporary power solutions at „Kubana” music festival

Riga, Latvia

On the island of the biggest river, which crosses the whole country, in Riga city center a music festival “KUBANA” takes place. Many artists perform on different stages for various days during the event and entertain the audience in different ways. The role of UPRENT in the festival – to ensure stages, entertainment spots and the whole territory of the event with electricity.


Cleaning of hydrothermal timber treatment

Rīga, Latvija

Every year the biggest producer of timber plywood, Latvijas Finieris, organizes technological break during the low season. Scheduled maintenance procedures, preventive repairs and cleaning of various tanks and storages takes place at low production volume. UPRENT was offered to join at the cleaning of pre-treatment soaking basin for logs.


Dredging in Riga

Rīga, Latvija
CASE Usually clients choose to use dredging services for underwater mineral extraction. In this case, along with the client’s need...

Reconstruction of waste water treatment plant Bolderaja

Rīga, Latvija

The reconstruction of the Baltic States biggest city’s waste water treatment plant took place in the year 2011 when general contractor VELVE SIA won the tender of the municipal company Rīgas Ūdens SIA. During the reconstruction works it was necessary to stop all processes in the longest treatment plant sections periodically and sequentially, thus preventing the bypass of the sewerage of the whole city between the technological basins.