Every year the biggest producer of timber plywood, Latvijas Finieris, organizes technological break during the low season. Scheduled maintenance procedures, preventive repairs and cleaning of various tanks and storages takes place at low production volume. UPRENT was offered to join at the cleaning of pre-treatment soaking basin for logs.


1 pc. Dragflow EL 35 HC
1 pc. Hidrostal E05Q
1 pc. BBA BA80
1 pc. Varisco J70
1 pc. BBA BA 150
200 m D150 pressure hose


Employment of high-pressure pumps accompanied by powerful centrifugal pumps with high solids passage, thus enriching the prime material with water or other solution that has been especially chosen for the specifics of the project. A homogeneous and easily transportable emulsion can be obtained by the use of the aforementioned method. Depending on the parameters of the liquid or mass, a stirring of the emulsion must be started as soon as possible in order to prevent the sedimentation of the solids and stratification of the liquid fraction before the bypassing of the emulsion.


14 days of the provided cleaning service
11 employees involved
3 vehicles employed
24 h operation
300 m³ solids transported
2x faster fulfillment of the task compared to the previously used methods