Customer’s request

To lower the groundwater level for the construction pit at a depth of 6 m and to lower the local groundwater level for the elevator shaft (total depth 12 m from the 0 mark). An additional challenge for lowering the groundwater level is caused by the River Daugava, located 70 m from the construction site.

Used equipment

3 x diesel engine groundwater lowering equipment in a muted housing

1 x electric groundwater lowering equipment

4 x submersible pumps

60 x 2” needle filters

30 x gravity filters

200 m water drainage line

UPRENT solution

Groundwater lowering was divided into 2 stages. Initially, the groundwater was lowered to a depth of 6 m and the foundations were concreted. Later, after successful lowering of the initial level, a second groundwater lowering circuit was created, maintaining the level at a depth of 12 m and allowing the contractor to complete the construction of the elevator shaft. Thus, the desired depth of the elevator shaft was achieved and the required safety standards were met.

Project in numbers

270 days of continuous work
1,555,200 m3 pumped liquid