During rescue works client’s most important criteria is the response time. In this case – to perform rescue works of a submerged ferry in order to promptly prevent it from total sinking. Taking into account tense situation and time limits, UPRENT offered the client solutions that have been used in analogical situations for the purpose of time saving by minimizing the debate process, project development and choosing of the right equipment as much as possible.


3 pcs. BBA BA 140
2 pcs. Varisco 6” E
2 pcs. Generator 16 kW
100 m D150 vacuum hoses
100 m D150 pressure hoses
60 m 400 V 16 mm2 cables


Based on the main requirement – to act immediately – UPRENT chose to deliver the high capacity mobile diesel engine pumps to the work site already assembled and additional electric pumps (providing electricity from the generators) to ensure against extremely high leakage.


2 days of the provided service
800 m3/h approximate volume flowing through the leakage
4 employees involved
3 vehicles employed
32 000 m³ water pumped
120 min of pumping system installation process