Our client “Aldesa Nowa Energia” Sp. z o.o. won a tender for one of the biggest high-voltage electric line construction projects in Poland, which involved the requirement for specialist assistance for the “0 cycle” construction stage. The inquiry was defined as follows – to guarantee on-site dewatering for 400 kV high-voltage line pole foundation during the construction works within Ostrołęka and Olsztyn Mątki in Poland for 140 km long electricity line, including over 200 construction pits. The contractor shall ensure the installation, monitoring, refueling of the equipment and technical consultations during the project if needed.


70 pcs. BBA PT 150
10 pcs. BBA BA 100
5 pcs. Varisco J2-180
300 pcs. D100 steel collectors
2000 pcs. wellpoint dewatering filters
3 000 m D100 pressure hoses


An individual project design was elaborated for each construction pit, according to geology and geographical data, after getting acquired with the case and client’s needs. Along with the technical performance, the project management design was challenging as well in order to ensure successful organization of labor-force rotation, delivery and refueling of the equipment, and 24/7 monitoring rounds. UPRENT was ensuring service through all project, according to client’s needs after the elaboration and highly accurate fulfillment of a qualitative project design.


15 months of the provided service
200 construction pits attended
40 employees involved
11 vehicles employed
300 000 liters of fuel refilled
10 000 000 m³ groundwater extracted