Biomass pumping is common in farms and bio-gas stations where the biomass is too liquid to be collected with tractors and other machinery or too solid to be transferred by the simple centrifugal pumps available in households. In this case the client turned to UPRENT when the previous methods were not enough for solving the situation.


1 pc. Dragflow EL 35 HC
1 pc. Hidrostal E05Q
1 pc. Proril Stormy 455
1 pc. Varisco J70
100 m D100 vacuum hose
100 m D150 pressure hose


After the analysis of the pumping works carried out by previous company, the main problem was found – the top layer of the biomass had hardened and stratified at the top of the bio-gas reactor tank. Initially, a circulation of the existing mixture was initiated and the biomass liquid layer flow was pointed against the hardened surface thus breaking its structure. A homogeneous, easily transferable structure was obtained after the biomass circulation for several hours.


2 days of the provided cleaning service
4 employees involved
3 vehicles employed
700 m³ mixture bypassed
5 h for system mobilization and transportation
20 men-hours for installation, disassembly and pumping