Customer request

Its been always challenge to establish solid ground water control solution, facing large amount of underground water. Negative temperature makes process even more complexed. Work in so tough situation, there is high risk of freezing wellpoints, that could harm whole pumping aggregates, finally flooding the construction place. Contractor had to create 5 m deep pit, protected from all sides in previously mentioned circumstances.

Used equipment

3 x diesel dewatering units in silenced canopies
48 x 2” wellpoints
200 m of discharge line
4x4x4.8 m trench shoring solution

URPRENT solution

Taking advantage from the linear trench shoring system, taking benefit from its module based installation, works were split in half. First the ground water was lowered by 3 m, allowing the main load bearing construction to be installed. Once the first stage was successfully completed, another collector ring was placed, filters installed allowing safe installation of inner walls into double slide rail. This solution allowed customer to access the planned depth, with respect to health and safety norms.

Project in numbers

30 working days
259 200 m3 transported liquid
120 m3 exchanged soil
2.8 t fuel consumed