On the island of the biggest river, which crosses the whole country, in Riga city center a music festival “KUBANA” takes place. Many artists perform on different stages for various days during the event and entertain the audience in different ways. The role of UPRENT in the festival – to ensure stages, entertainment spots and the whole territory of the event with electricity.


3 pcs. generator 240 kW
1 pc. generator 160kW
4 pcs. switch boxes 125 A
150 m cables 95 mm2
100 m cables 16 mm2
2 pcs. trailers CP382-DRB/2600
3 pcs. trailers CP499-TRB/3500


The most important requirement for all event organizers – to place the power generators from event site as far as possible meanwhile performing the technical support in a very discrete manner – was and easy task for UPRENT thanks to the extensive experience in providing power solutions in wide range of public events.


4 days of the provided service
0,9 MW total power
800 engine hours during the project
3 employees involved
4 h equipment installation
8 engine hours during the generator test loading in preparation for the project