The Council of Riga City organizes a magnificent and extensive lights and sound festival “Staro Riga”, in cooperation with partners GACO SIA and NA SIA. Audiovisual installations, projections and 3D visualizations on walls of the buildings and other urban elements are set up in various places in Riga during the festival week. Taking into account the short time of the festival, every post needs to be provided with electricity with a temporary power source – power generator.


1 pc. generator 160 kW
1 pc. generator 58 kW
3 pcs. generators 48 kW
5 pcs. generators 31 kW
1 pc. generator 16 kW
5 pcs. generators 0,9 kW
7 pcs. trailer CP382-DRB/2600


Taking into account the distance between the festival posts, each of them was equipped with a generator with adjusted power. The power sources had static placement near by the festival posts depending on the period of time and necessary power of the projection. Power generators can be placed on trailers thus improving the speed and calling less attention during the disassembly of the installation without suppressing the nearby festival posts.


5 days of the provided service
0,5 MW total power
1 400 engine hours during the project
3 employees involved
12 engine hours during the generator test loading in preparation for the project