Peristaltiskie sūkņi

RAGAZZINI perestaltic pumps

Thanks to their design perestaltic pumps are capable to pump viscous, abrasive, chemically aggressive liquids, containing large amount of solid particles. Pumps can be used for dosage applications as wel

  • Capacity up to 180 m3/h
  • Pressure up to 16 bar
  • Viscousity up to 10000 cSt
  • Temperature from -10 ºC to +135 ºC
  • No contact between product and mechanical parts
  • Reversable flow, by switching motor phases
  • Capable of running without causing damage
  • Can pump mixed mediums containing solids with size up to 45% of pumps hose internal diameter
  • No valves, sealings, bushes
  • Easy maintenance — only hose need to be replaced
  • Precise dosing
  • Can pump abrasive, viscous liquids, chemicals, and  liquids with solids.
  • Reduced rollers friction guarantees longer lifespan for the hose
  • Hose damages can be easily discovered at early stage

Perestalitic pump is a positive displacement pump. Liquid is pumped via flexible hose, which is installed inside pump casing. While impeller is rotating elastic hose is compressed, creating pressure and pumped liquid is transferred via this elastic hose. Thanks to its flexibility hose returns to its initial state and liquid is fed into pump.

Most common pumping method – compressing of elastic hose in several places, thus extracting a liquid from a pump by using pressure. Perestaltic pump is capable to operate interminently or at reduced revolutions thus regulating the capacity of a pump.

Peristaltiskie sūkņi