The shape of this impeller in combination with the large free solid passage ensures clog-free operation. A Caprari submersible pump combines the characteristics of a positive displacement pump with a centrifugal pump. This makes these submersible pumps highly suitable for pumping numerous media ranging from clean water and sewage to viscous fluids with large particles and even stiff fibres.

  • Capacity up to 2800 m3/h
  • Head form 2 to 67 m
  • Solids handling up to 164 mm
  • High efficiency – smooth flow, and low turbulence produced by the screw/centrifugal impeller keep hydraulic losses to a minimum. The result if pumping efficiencies unequaled by any other “clog-free” pump.
  • Clog-free operation – No blockage mean minimum attention and minimum maintenance.
  • Gentle action prevents damage to delicate solids.
  • Low NPSH requirements help to keep thick sludges and large solids moving as available suction head decreases.
  • Positive suction flow enables pump to handle thick sludges.
  • Abrasion resistant construction with 550 Brinell High Chrome Iron impeller and externally adjustable suction liner available.
  • Mud, slurry, untreated sewage water and bentonite pumping
  • Water pumping in streams, canals and pounds
  • Industrial waste water pumping
  • Dredging spoil
  • Contaminated liquids with solid particles, such as mud and clay
  • Sewer dewatering
  • Sewege bypass
  • Temporary pumping instalation
  • Pumping at high suction height or with long suction pipes
  • Pumping liquids that contain air and gas
  • Open dewatering
  • Draining of construction sites and sluices
  • Salvage activities an ballasting ships

In addition to water, the Caprari effortlessly pumps viscous fluids. Solid particles or long fibers also pose no problem. When pumping delicate media such as vegetables and fruit, the Hidrostal impeller vaidates its unique concept. Te large free passage and the gentle handling of the impeller are ideal for transporting whole pieces of vegetables and fruit such as apples, lemons, peaches, peas, beans and mushrooms. Production loss due to damaged products is censiderably reduced. This makes the Hidrostal a suitable alternative for cenventional conveyor belts and lifts. Last, but not least, the Hidrostal pump is extremely suitable for processing meat and poultry, such as for pumping slaughter waste, blood, intestines, legs, heads and feathers of poultry.

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