Groundwater purification usually is carried out by discharging water in open watercourses or in sewerage after its collection from the soil, however in other cases the purification can be done in tanks of previously collected mixtures. Technologies that are used for this solution can be used not only for groundwater, but also for purification of artesian water, which has been pumped from underground when using the borehole dewatering method.

Groundwater treatment solutions, provided by UPRENT, include the following benefits:

  • Monitoring of the composition changes in the real-time
  • Wide pump, tank and separator range
  • Mobile sampling stations
  • Simulation of the hydraulic load of the pumping system
  • Certified and precise measuring instruments
  • Documentation development and submission

The most important is to clearly define amounts which concentration needs to be diminished in the groundwater before commencing the groundwater purification process. After creating a clear and precise task elaboration, it is possible to carry out the water purification by using the most suitable and cost-effective method thus meeting the task goals in less time and with minimal resources.

Groundwater treatment is usually carried out to diminish concentration of the following positions:

  • Sand, clay and other mechanical impurities
  • Petroleum products and their derivatives
  • Chemical elements (iron)
  • Microorganisms
  • Biomass