Pressure tests are carried out for complex engineering structures, especially for high-pressure pipelines and reservoirs before commissioning to ensure durability of construction and ability to work under pressure for long period. At the same time, it is possible to evaluate the quality of the connections and notice leakages quickly by overloading hydraulically temporarily.

Pressure test solutions, provided by UPRENT, include the following benefits:

  • Monitoring of pressure changes in real-time during testing phase
  • A wide range of high-pressure pumps and hoses
  • 24/7 supervision and task performance
  • Simulation of the hydraulic load of the pumping system
  • Certified and precise measuring instruments
  • Pumping solutions resistant for different chemical and abrasive elements

It is essential to find the most suitable solution, taking into account the characteristics of the pumping station and its compatibility with clients needs. Very important is avoidance of hydro-impact risks, connection overload and uncontrolled leakage factors, which can permanently damage the system. UPRENT can verify the system robustness and confirm its hermetic construction at positive test results, if all procedures are performed properly.

Pressure tests are usually carried out in the following projects:

  • Large reservoir leakage test
  • Tank and cistern pressure resistance test
  • Pipeline leak test
  • Valve and other fitting performance test
  • Industrial rinsing and cleaning equipment inspection
  • Firefighting system inspection