UPRENT dredgers are used for quarry mining and underwater mineral extraction. Evaluating each client’s needs, the specifics of the object and technical capabilities, we will offer the most efficient solutions for quarrying, extraction of mineral resources that’s needed and to achieve the objective.

Quarry dredging, provided by UPRENT, include the following benefits:

  • Largest mobile dredge fleet in Eastern Europe
  • Dredging services can be done both in opened quarries and in new quarries
  • Electric and hydraulic pumps, accessories and improvements for capacity improvement
  • Installation of the dredger in 8h, together with short period of mobilization
  • Provisional information on the amount of extracted material in real-time

We provide prompt equipment delivery and installation, as well as consultations and recommendations on the work process. Our staff’s experience, knowledge and skills guarantee efficient quarry mining and extraction of mineral resources both in easily accessible sites and in difficult conditions. UPRENT also performs deepening of ports, ponds, lakes, channels, river aquariums, water supply sites, pier beds as well as sludge and other thick, hardened sediment removal.

Examples of UPRENT dredging solution extracted materials:

  • Sand and sandy loam
  • Gravel and small stones
  • Sapropel
  • Biomass sediment in basins of rivers, lakes and quarries
  • Stratified sediments from manufacturing
  • Residuals and offal from industrial manufacturing