UPRENT offers various sewage pumping and bypass solutions. During sewage reconstruction works, when it is not possible to shut down rainwater or sewage line, it has to be bypassed between specific points around the section that is under reconstruction.

Sewage bypass solutions, provided by UPRENT, include the following benefits:

  • Determination and monitoring of groundwater level (measures at the exact time)
  • Monitoring of level of fluid in pipeline of tank
  • 24/7 supervision and task performance
  • Simulation of the hydraulic load of the pumping system
  • Extensive range of diameter and material discharge line options
  • Quick and dynamic installation and disassembly of the pumping system

Sewage bypass projects are mostly carried out in urban areas during sewage reconstruction work, as well as in case of sewage network emergency situations. The most suitable solution is always employed and adapted regarding the basic principles of hydraulics, however, in case of emergency and rescue works, a prior elaborated universal solutions are offered due to time restrictions.

Fundamentals for UPRENT full service bypass solution:

  • Definition of solution – UPRENT experts will provide consultation and will select the most effective solution with the most suitable equipment, based on our experience in sewage bypass projects already since 2010.
  • Bypass system engineering – system design according to the generally accepted standards and project features.
  • Project coordination – coordination with the competent authorities to ensure safe working environment and project compliance.
  • Complete system installation – UPRENT team will deliver and install the equipment, as well will dismantle it after project is complete.
  • Project supervision – constant monitoring is being performed both on site and remotely 24/7, to ensure correct operation of the systems and equipment.
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