UPRENT offers solutions for various trench reinforcement projects, by selecting the most suitable trench shoring system for each project individually, as well as professional consultation and support during installation of trench shoring systems in order to ensure safety during the construction of engineering communications and underground structures.

Trench protection solutions, provided by UPRENT, include the following benefits:

  • Largest trench shoring fleet in Eastern Europe
  • Industrially manufactured and certified components
  • Non-standard modifications for complicated projects
  • Installation, disassembly and transportation solutions of trench shoring systems
  • Video instructions and on-site training on system installation
  • Work safety documentation development and submission

If no trench shoring systems are employed, a trench has to be made much wider and more soil needs to be transported in order to make the slope angle more flat and prevent the risk of landslides. The main advantages of the trench shoring systems are incomparably low expenses and very short installation and disassembly of the systems, in comparison with constructive analogues.

Trench shoring systems are employed the most for:

  • Water and sewage pipeline construction and reconstruction
  • Electricity power-line and telecommunication construction in deep in the ground
  • Gas and heating mains construction
  • Trench-less drilling projects
  • Well, well curbs and tank installation
  • Large underground structure and foundation construction